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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Efficient and nice people!"

"It is a local business."

"That it is small and personal, and not a 'big box' candy, milk, junk store with a pharmacy as an afterthought. Also, I like the lunch/ice cream counter."

"Locally owned and easy to get to. Owner is in the store!"

"Personal service"

"The people"

"Convenient and good parking"

"Friendly, fast, and convenient"


"Kind hard-working staff, and plenty of room to sit down while you wait."

"It's locally owned, and not part of a superstore."

"The people always go out of their way to help with prescriptions, and especially refills."

"I have been using West End Drug for years, for my various Rx's, and they never fail to fill accurately, kindly, and promptly. I have a lot of meds, so Mike and crew make my life easier come refill time."

"It is like having a family at your pharmacy, no matter who is at the counter!"

"Local owners and the new website"

"Good community business"

"Personal attention"

"They're quick, friendly, provide counseling if needed, and have given me very good prices. It's very much a hometown community pharmacy."

"Great community spot; beyond just a pharmacy; good people!"

"Friendly staff - very helpful and knowledgeable!"


"Friendly service and a space to park"

"Friendly staff - always helpful and polite"


"You are local!"

"It's local and locally owned!"

"The people"

"The Pharmacist/owner"

"Personal service"

"It's an independent pharmacy owned & run by local people. They know their customers and try VERY hard to keep the multitude of tourists happy. Too many of these local pharmacies have fallen by the wayside as the big drug stores come & take over."

"The people who work there."

"Family friendly; always gives personal attention"

"The people and the service"

"Has a great pharmacy staff. Love the ice cream parlor. Friendly and efficient store staff. We are very fortunate to have a consistently staffed pharmacy in our small town."

"The employees!"

"It is locally owned!"

"Goes above and beyond to provide excellent service."

"Everything - you all do a great job. Thank You."

"The very knowledgeable pharmacy staff, and that the whole crew is very friendly and helpful."

"They are mostly Patriot fans!"

"Dealing locally with familiar friendly people."


"Hometown friendliness"

You can help West End Drug by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!

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