7 Tips to Avoid Allergy

When spring comes, our staff picked up 7 simple rules that will help improve your well-being and prepare your body to withstand allergies. You need at least a month to be ready for allergy season.7 Tips for Coping with Asthma

Cleaning the liver and intestines

Very often, the cause of allergy exacerbation is precisely caused by a decrease in functional hepatic activity. Consult your doctor to advise on the need for herbal supplements and remedies to cope with this problem.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is the basis of immunity, energy, good mood and external attractiveness. On the eve of the allergic season, it is necessary to take more foods rich in antiallergic flavonoids (herbal medicines) that reduce allergic symptoms. In particular, these are products of dark purple color: black beans, lettuce, purple onions and blueberries.

Antiparasitic prophylaxis

With the majority of pathogens, bacteria, helminths, the body successfully copes due to its durable immunity. If it is weakened, and there is a suspicion of a parasitic attack, it is necessary to consult a doctor and find the best cleaning option.

Vitamins and probiotics

Vitamins B, C and probiotics contained in milk and yogurt, also effectively help to increase the body’s resistance.


Consult your doctor about possible long-term remedies to combat allergies (vaccinations). As a rule, the action of such drugs lasts at least a year. If you do not get rid of allergies completely, at a minimum, the allergic reaction will manifest itself in a milder form.

Monitoring the time spent on the street

Limit the frequency and duration of your stay in the open air as much as possible. You can avoid contact with birds, trees and flowers staying indoors. These are the most common allergens and triggers. Avoid going out early in the morning – at this time the trees most actively produce pollen. Also, try not to walk in windy weather.

Clean clothes

Take a shower and change clothes as soon as you return home. The less contact you have with these things, the better it is. Do not forget about regular cleaning of the nasal mucosa with a solution of seawater or just water with salt.

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