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Guideline about Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a common non-infectious chronic disease. It affects both men and women, most often over the age of 40. The danger of type 2 diabetes is underestimated. Some patients, in fact, are simply not informed that they are predisposed to this disease. Those of the patients who are aware of their pathology, often do not know what it exactly means. As a result, type 2 diabetes can take severe forms and result in life-threatening conditions. Meanwhile, adequate treatment and proper nutrition in diabetes mellitus can stop the disease progression. Causes When diabetes occurs in humans, the causes of this fact can be varied. The second type of disease often leads to: improper diet; lack of physical activity; excess weight; heredity; stress; self-medication with drugs such as…

7 Tips to Avoid Allergy

When spring comes, our staff picked up 7 simple rules that will help improve your well-being and prepare your body to withstand allergies. You need at least a month to be ready for allergy season. Cleaning the liver and intestines Very often, the cause of allergy exacerbation is precisely caused by a decrease in functional hepatic activity. Consult your doctor to advise on the need for herbal supplements and remedies to cope with this problem. Proper nutrition Proper nutrition is the basis of immunity, energy, good mood and external attractiveness. On the eve of the allergic season, it is necessary to take more foods rich in antiallergic flavonoids (herbal medicines) that reduce allergic symptoms. In particular, these are products of dark purple color: black beans, lettuce, purple onions and blueberries.

Breast Cancer Awareness

What does a breast ultrasound show? The most common diseases of the mammary glands in women are mastitis (inflammatory processes with purulent nipple secretions), mastopathy (proliferation of breast tissue due to hormonal disorders), and tumor diseases. In most cases, mastitis occurs in women who have recently given birth to a child. Mastopathy occurs in 60-90% of women aged 30 to 50 years. But the most dangerous among these diseases is breast cancer. According to statistics, every 8th woman in the world has the likelihood of developing malignant breast tumors. Among all “female” oncological diseases, the appearance of malignant tumors in the breast takes first place, accounting for 16% of all cases of cancer. Nowadays, a completely effective and safe cancer drug simply does not exist. Therefore, the only way to…