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The Most Common Health Concerns for Women

Women’s health is a fragile thing. Many gynecological diseases are asymptomatic, and if the woman is not disturbed by anything, she will rarely go for a preventive visit to a gynecologist. Today we will tell you which gynecological diseases most often undermine the health of women.

Easy Ways to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection. There are two types of ED: physiological and psychological. In 90% of men under the age of 50, the disease is caused by psychological problems. Prevention is the best treatment A healthy stable erection depends on many factors – muscular functioning, good blood flow, the absence of nervous tension, psychological comfort, etc. Most often, the basis of the disease is medical problems. Compliance with simple recommendations helps to improve the potency at any age and to avoid erectile dysfunction.

Daily Behaviors That Boost Your Erection

According to medical statistics, erectile problems become “younger” from year to year. Today, approximately 10% of young men occasionally experience a weak erection, and after 40 years, every second man complains of this trouble.

Top 10 Health Tips for Men

Of course, every man wants to preserve youth, have excellent health and potency. What are the best health tips for a man? We have chosen the best recommendations for you. How to Stay Healthy – Top 10 Tips for Male Health To keep health strong for many years, a man should follow some recommendations.

Do I Have a Common Cold or the Flu?

Common cold and the flu are completely different diseases but they have similar symptoms and require bed rest. It’s very important to determine the disease in time in order to start proper treatment. So how to distinguish the flu from a common cold? How to recognize the flu? Flu has specific symptoms that make it difficult to confuse with a common cold: Temperature: with the flu, the temperature raises up to 102.2-104°F degrees from the first hours. With a cold, the temperature is usually not higher than 101.3°F degrees; The speed of development: the flu develops at lightning speed. With a cold, the symptoms increase gradually; The first symptoms: With the flu – a person has ache throughout the body, headache, photophobia, weakness, chills, high fever, which is barely reduced by…