Daily Behaviors That Boost Your Erection

According to medical statistics, erectile problems become “younger” from year to year. Today, approximately 10% of young men occasionally experience a weak erection, and after 40 years, every second man complains of this trouble.

If you want to improve your erection, you should reconsider the way of life – to start moving more, change your diet, abandon bad habits. Despite all its banality, these are very good advice, and following them can significantly improve the patient’s condition. Let’s reviews the best tips in more detail.

10 easy ways to improve male potency

Daily Behaviors That Boost Your Erection

  1. Try eating certain fruits. There is little evidence that proves the effectiveness of certain products, but there is no harm in this experiment. Dates, bananas and avocados are considered stimulants of potency and libido. They have long been known as aphrodisiacs. These products also provide us with important vitamins and minerals that can increase blood flow to the genitals and help strengthen potency;
  2. Try eating chocolate. Throughout history, chocolate has been a symbol of desire. Not only because of its taste but because of its ability to increase sexual pleasure and improve an erection. According to one study, chocolate contributes to the release of phenylethylamine and serotonin in the body. This can cause increased desire and male potency. According to another study, the effect of chocolate on sexuality is more psychological than biological;
  3. Use spices. Season a romantic dinner with basil or garlic. The smell of basil stimulates the senses, garlic contains a lot of allicin and can increase blood flow and boost an erection. These effects can help men with impaired potency. Chinese lemongrass extract is obtained from a leaf of the same name plant, which is used to treat impotence while taking antidepressants;
  4. Increase self-confidence. The way you treat your body affects your attitude to sex. Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise reduce your self-esteem and prevent the emergence of excellent potency and enjoyment. You can increase potency and sexual desire by shifting the focus from disadvantages to virtues. This will focus on getting pleasure during sex;
  5. Drink no more than one glass of wine. A second glass may be superfluous. After drinking a glass of wine, you can increase the potency, calm down, relax. But too much alcohol impairs the quality of potency and the duration of erection and also impedes the achievement of orgasm;
  6. Take time to meditate and relax. Regardless of your health, stress affects your sexual desire. Women are particularly susceptible to stress, which has a marked effect on sex life. On the other hand, men use sex to relieve stress. Sometimes differences in approaches to sex can cause conflict. To overcome stress, exercise or try yoga;
  7. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep reduces potency and sexual desire. To increase male potency, practice short pauses for sleep and follow a high protein and low carbohydrate diet;
  8. Take a contrast shower. It improves blood circulation and the nervous system. It is very useful to take such a shower before intimacy, the blood flow to the penis will increase and the sensitivity of its nerve endings will be activated;
  9. Massage the foot. If you do soft strokes of the feet before intimacy, excitement and erection will increase. It is recommended to walk barefoot on the grass more often. You need to regularly swim in open ponds, douche and wipe with cold water. Low-temperature water procedures improve blood circulation and have a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system as a whole;
  10. Keep your relationship under control. Often, you are not in the mood for sex after an argument with your partner. This means that unresolved conflicts affect potency and sexual relations. Communication is important for building confidence and enhancing male potency.

A decrease in potency is stress for a man. However, there is no reason to perceive it tragically: in the opinion of doctors, almost all cases of this kind are curable. Do not postpone the visit to the doctor if you have noticed signs of erectile dysfunction. After all, the sooner the treatment begins, the sooner you will regain the joy of sex life.

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