Custom Medication Compounding

Special premises, called assistant, are required for customer RX compounding. Pharmacists and technologists prepare the drugs.

They are working at special assistant tables. Together with the new tables, other equipment came to the assistant rooms: turntables, cabinets, various types of alarms and other devices that facilitate work and increase its productivity. The most rational and promising are standard sets of sectional equipment of assistant rooms.

The combined-section table which is included in the package allows you to organize any number of workplaces, taking into account the different layout of the room. Pharmacies V and VI categories are equipped with double tables. In larger pharmacies, assistant tables for 4, 6 and 8 workplaces are used.

Before making a medication itself, you must carefully read the prescription, check the compatibility of the ingredients and the correct dosage.

Pharmaceutical technologists and pharmacists are responsible for the proper manufacture of medicines and their quality; they keep their workplace, inventory, equipment and measuring devices in proper order.

Every day, prior to the start of work, the accuracy of all measuring devices, the condition of the burette system, the availability of medicines and auxiliary materials are checked. In all cases when the pharmacist doubts the correctness of the preparation of medicines, he should consult the pharmacist-technologist or pharmacist-analyst.

When several pharmacists work, the chef pharmacist distributes the duties between them. After the drug has been manufactured, the pharmacist re-reads the prescription for self-checking, checks the correctness of the ingredients taken, sticks the number, fills out the control coupon of the written control. Then, he signs the prescription and passes the finished medicine to the pharmacist.

It is necessary to prepare drugs containing toxic, narcotic and potent substances. The pharmacist each time receives a toxic substance from a pharmacist-technologist or other employee who is charged with weighing these substances. The weighed off substance is immediately used to prepare the medicine.

At the same time, the name and amount of the substance weighed is marked on the prescription, the signature of the dispensed toxic substance and the signature of the pharmacist who received the substance for the preparation are put. After preparation, such medicine is immediately transferred to the control and, after checking, is stored in a proper way.

The workplace of the packer should be located at the assistant desk so that the pharmacist can see him and direct his work. The packer is allowed to entrust auxiliary work: pack up powders prepared by the pharmacist, ointments, filter solutions, etc. It is not allowed to charge the packer to fully prepare the medicine by prescription.

At the end of the day, the pharmacist hands over all left prescriptions, as well as his place in order to the newly intercepting employee.

Sanitation must be done in strict accordance with current regulations. It is allowed to simultaneously prepare the medicine in one prescription only.


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